Minnesota Zoo Event – August 19th, 2012

Sixty alumni, family members and friends gathered at the Minnesota Zoo on August 19th for a fabulous behind-the-scenes tour.  An armadillo and great horned owl awaited us in our meeting room as we entered.  We then proceeded to the Grizzly Bear exhibit, where we watched the three bears frolic in response to being given treats and toys.  Dividing into 3 groups, each led by a knowledgeable Zoo employee, we learned interesting facts and tidbits about the animals we saw.  Going through back doors and hallways, we found ourselves above the shark and fish tank to gain a different vantage point from the typical one as well as see where they are looked after.  We went into a private area to see two tiger cubs being cared for in a secluded nursery.  We also went behind the penguin exhibit to see the couples that were being paired in the back rooms in the hopes of producing more penguins.  After these unique behind-the-scenes glimpses, we headed back to our meeting room for some delicious appetizers and treats, allowing us time to meet and/or catch up with each other and learn more about the group of interesting people assembled.  It was an absolutely delightful gathering, and the Minnesota Zoo went out of its way to assist the YAANW in making it so.


Stay tuned for our next annual family event!


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