Book Group

YAANW Book Group Discussions

Yale Alumni Association of the Northwest has an affiliated Book Group. Since 1997, fellow alums gather monthly to discuss literature. Chosen by the attending alums themselves, books chosen range from novels to nonfiction, classics to modern writings. Attendees sit in a circle and in turn, share their thoughts about each month’s reading. Format is unstructured and casual. Atmosphere is inclusive and attentive.

Some alums attend Book Group once a year; others are regulars. Attendees range in age from 20s to 90s. Attendees also range in life experiences and specialties–Minnesotans and recent arrivals, retirees, full-time employees and full-time parents, biologists, lawyers, business consultants–just as examples. Everyone contributes to the richness of discussions.

The Book Group meets at members’ homes. No RSVP is necessary; interested readers are welcome to join as their interests and schedule permit.

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